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GST Filing Services, Fees | Pricings, GST Returns Filing Online

GST Returns Filing is mandatory for every business registered under the GST ACT 2007 of India. All companies should submit every transaction details to the Tax Department of India.

All You Need to Know

What is GST Returns Filing?

Once you get a GSTIN from the Government you become eligible to file the GST returns. GST Returns shows the entire business transaction records as documents and files to the Government. According to the register of an entity, the filing could be changed from time to time. And you need to file the returns carefully and submit them on time, or it creates a negative impression and may lead to a penalty on the entity.

Our GST Filing Services Process

We will remind you via Email before due date

You should submit your document of transactions

Verification of documents submitted by you

Preparation of GST Returns and Filing Process

Make Payment and GST Filed. Ack Generated.

Points to Remember

Various GST Returns Filing

GSTR 3B Filing

In basic terms, GSTR3B is filed by the regular taxpayer. It consists of filing all the business transactions that includes sales, purchases, expenses, and others in the calendar month. The taxpayer has to show a summary of the inward and outward supplies to the government on the entire form. If the taxpayer didn’t submit the form on time, it will lead to a penalty.

GSTR 1 Filing

The GSTR1 is filed by all regular taxpayers. It consists of all the sales details done in the previous month. Moreover, the taxpayer has two options for filing GSTR1. One is quarterly, and the other is monthly. The taxpayer whose turnover is less than 1.5 crores will opt for the Quarterly filings. If the turnover is more than 1.5 crores are eligible for the Monthly filings.

GSTR 9 Filing

GSTR9 is an annual return that consists of all the supplies done by the tax-payer in the financial year. This filing should be filed once a year. But GSTR9 is not for the composite dealer. GSTR9 has numerous classification fields such as outwards, notes, amendments, etc. All these classifications should be filed accordingly with the help of an auditor.

GSTR 9A Filing

It is a specific GST Filing return, which is filed by the composite dealer of the registered GST taxpayer. The person who files the composite return in a quarter manner has to file the entire annual report on the GSTR9A filings. As specifically, if any composite dealer fails to file the 9A filings, they will be charged Rs.200 per day as a penalty.

GSTR 9C Filing

GSTR9C is a reconciliation statement whose turnover will exceed 2 crores in a financial year. It is basically, a report which has been audited by the charted accountant on the entire outward supplies i.e sales of the current financial year. This report will consist of the gross and annual turnover of the accounting and GST returns.

GSTR 4 Filing

Taxpayers who are undertaking the GST Composition scheme need to file this GSTR-4 filing. It is the filing process only for composite taxpayers. The taxpayers can file this return only once in the financial year rather than other a quarterly and monthly basis.

Choose Your Package

Our Various GST Filing Services Cost

Nil Returns Filing


Rs. 349 INR

Suitable for Nil Filings. Filing of 1 Nil GST Return (GSTR 3B or 1)

Micro Startups


Rs. 799 INR

Choose a micro startup package when you have transaction range of 20-50

SME Package


Rs. 2199 INR

Choose a SME package when you have transaction range of 60-100



Rs. 999 INR

This package is suitable for business is listed in Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal etc.

Custom Package


Rs. 3499 INR

Choose a Custom package when you have 100+ transaction

We Deliver

Benefits of Raj Softech GST Filing Services

Raj Softech Business Consultancy Services is a technology-driven platform fall on the services to promote and satisfy the needs of our clients. And our services signify based on recognization by the government. We are giving promptly trustable and secure databases to your documents.
We are committed to connecting our clients with trained and professional experts. Basically, in the financial part, time plays a vital role in making a decision and, we are giving our services at a preferred time without any backlogs. And our packages will be affordable for all the business entities. Moreover, our pricing are based on the modeling researched one and lower cost than others.

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